Heritage Salmon

quality salmon, raised right


Branded for a reason

Unlike most of the products you buy in a supermarket, very few seafood products carry a brand name... like our Heritage Salmon brand. We use the Heritage Salmon brand because we think consumers deserve full accountability and transparency in the seafood they serve their families.

We are proud to identify our product in the store and tell you about it here… how it is raised, why it’s good for you, what we do to ensure sustainability and about our commitment to our employees, the people in the communities where we work in and our customers.

  • Recipe of the Week

    Spicy Thai Salmon Skewers
    Stir together the lemon grass, soy sauce, crushed garlic, chopped ginger, chopped chili, lime juice and olive oil.

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  • Seafood Tip of the Week

    New Certification Received for Heritage Salmon.

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